The app offers a unique combination of 4K video and seamless transitions between 2D and 360 - storytelling. As a result, the app shows a creative direction, which could only be achieved by making use of Virtual Reality.

Insight and idea :


The new Audi A4 offers the latest in technology and design guarantees an intense experience . But how can you experience the new Audi A4 when it is not yet here ?


To introduce the A4 before it appeared in showrooms , we knew we had to move the bar. Therefore, we developed a groundbreaking 360° app that allows you to experience for yourself the highlights of the new Audi A4 .

Execution :


To demonstrate the power of the new engine , we installed a 360° camera on a roller coaster. We designed a magical forest with thousands of fireflies to illustrate how the Matrix LED headlamps work . We dropped the user in the middle of a gigantic dance festival to show what the Bang and Olufsen 3D Sound System does to the senses. And we flew in a hot air balloon in Turkey to show you that the Audi Virtual Cockpit brings you where you want to be.



Some backstage photos :