Insight and idea :


To most, Amsterdam is a city famous for its climate of tolerance and liberalism.

A peaceful place just as famous for its 17th Century canals and endless flow of bicycles as it is for its thoughts on unrestrained love and equality for all.

But there’s also another side to it. In November 2014, three tourists died in Amsterdam because they used white heroin, thinking it was cocaine. To inform visitors, the city council decided to place large warning signs in busy areas throughout the city centre.

We decided come up with an online concept, to reach young people even before they hit town. A concept that we thought would be highly recognizable and most likely to be shared amongst the target audience.

Execution :


With Don’t Kill Mia we created an exhilarating experience to really grab the attention of the audience. And naturally, we referred to the public health service of Amsterdam for information on drugs. Don’t Kill Mia puts the visitor right into the action of Quentin Tarantino’s infamous film Pulp Fiction. In an iconic scene the character called Mia uses white heroin, believing it is cocaine. In the film Vincent Vega saves her. But this time it’s your turn.

Results :


Almost immediately after launch, people from all over the world participated and started talking about it. In one hundred and sixty seven (167) countries Tweets and Facebook messages were shared. Within a week, Mia had been saved almost two hundred thousand (200.000) times. And on average people spent one and a half minute on the website.


What’s so special about this project? We didn’t spend any money on campaigning. Actually, we didn’t even have a client. We did it for Amsterdam, the most creative city in the world. And we succeeded. We received a huge amount of press coverage on television and radio, and in newspaper and magazines. Online, international blogs and websites joined the conversation. Young tourist reacted to it, they understood the message, talked about the issue online with other young tourists but also parents, caretakers and adults joined the discussion. The alleged dealer turned himself in. But the message remains the same : When you come to Amsterdam, have fun. When it comes to drugs, be cautious.